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Is Modern Transportation Facing Some Issues in Bryant Park?

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (a.k.a. MTA) is responsible for public transportation in downstate New York, serving 12 counties and a portion of Connecticut. Their services carry over 11 million passengers on an average weekday system wide (subway, bus lines and rail lines), and over 800,000 vehicles on its seven toll bridges and two tunnels per weekday. MTA is the largest public transit authority in the United States.

Of course it’s going to have problem, schedule changes and delays. A recent article at details some of the issues facing modern transportation. There were some signal problems at Midtown subway stations that caused delays and service changes on eight lines during a Monday’s morning rush hour. The signal issues began at 47th-50th Streets-Rockefeller Center, but later said there were also problems at 42nd Street-Bryant Park.

Do the MTA issues affect people living in “modern residences in Bryant Park” area? As there has been a vast increase of modern apartments in Bryant Park like in, I’d say the answer would be yes. With the increase of more residents in the Bryant Park area, there are going to be more and more people late for work, or the doctor’s appointment, picking up a child from school, etc. Modern residences in New York City are popping up all over and especially Bryant Park. Bryant Park had been known as mostly a historical neighborhood and the sky untapped, so they built sleek, modern skyscrapers for residents to enjoy.

Modern transportation will still advance with all our super ultra computer techy stuff that’s invented to benefit commuters. Just look how far it’s come in 100 years…they were still getting around by horses and the automobile was a novelty.

Interesting note – a recent report found that subway delays have cost New Yorkers $307 million in wages each year.

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