eco-friendly luxury apartments green luxury apartments

Green luxury apartments in NYC are waiting for you near the River.

eco-friendly luxury apartments in nyc
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Imagine living at a luxury building with its own private gardens. Isn´t it amazing to find an oasis of nature in the middle of the city?

There are several buildings which contain this beauty and one of them is The Edge, the smartest condominium complex ever constructed!

eco-friendly luxury apartments in nyc

The Edge of tomorrow.

Located at 22 N 6th Street, Brooklyn, it is also considered the greenest building in the world!

Truly efficient, the solar panels on this building create more electricity than the building uses.

It´s luxurious, huge, & luminous. With enormous windows which do nothing but give glamour to a building that has it all.

28000 sensors pack the Edge which has a 15 story atrium that houses the gravitational center of the building´s solar system.

Even on days with stormy weather, the building will still remain opalescent with natural light and angles of glass.

You can also get your own app! Yes! Your mobile device is your passport to The Edge,  which will help you find your colleagues, adjust the heating or manage your gym routine.

This condo complex features electric car and bike parking, long blue tubes (which are the most efficient aquifer thermal storage in the world) and enjoy nature with its ecological corridor where bees, birds, bugs and even bats will share your days!

Flowers on public terraces, birdhouses and bat boxes are home of these species that live among humans.

It is such an intelligent, green building you will be surprised and you will always find something more to learn about this amazing construction.

Experience a new way of working in this eco-friendly, first-class luxury building that will definitely blow your mind!


Speaking of luxury buildings, have you heard of genius Bjarke Ingels?  We probably remember him for his awesome creation of VIA57 West, located at 625 West 57st, also known as the Pyramid of Manhattan or Tetrahedron which revolutionized the architecture in New York.

A modern green luxury building , similar to a stairway to heaven, with the best amenities you could possibly imagine and the finest materials of construction and furniture.

This building is 220,000 SQFT. with an exclusive courtyard oasis for its residents, as well as dozens of newly planted trees, lawns and different species of native plants.

bjarke ingels architecture

Bjarke Ingels architecture next project!

Now Ingels counterattacked with an amazing creation:

An office tower wrapped in spiraling gardens reaching the sky!

The Danish architect never stops surprising us and goes for more!

Only 20 blocks away from VIA 57West, Ingles has unveiled plans for another super tall luxury structure that challenges the building environment with this green construction.

The Spiral is a 65 -story office tower, wrapped in a cascading ribbon of lushly planted terraces and hanging gardens. Spiraling its way up from the street to the sky, like a modern day Tower of Babel.

The Spiral, together with VIA 57West, will impose a new model of green living and there´s no doubt that, Bjarke Ingels, this bold professional, has dared to challenge New York´s architecture, reaching popularity and respect above all.




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