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Six Bronx Luxury apartments You Must See Before Moving!

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If it’s luxury you want, you’ll find ultra-amenities beyond necessity in Bronx luxury apartments. With inspired designs, they’ll give you a feel for luxury living.

Luxury, of course, is an amazing term when it comes to apartments in Bronx, full of desired amenities and in close proximity to many amusements. Check out The Equestrian at Pelham Parkway, which ranges from $1800–$2500 with approximately 500-700sf depending on bedroom selection. The rooms are well-designed with ultra-luxury, and it has state-of-the-art fitness and recreation facilities. When you want an ultra-luxury apartment with refined floorplans and modern décor, go to The Grand, where the price is around $2474 for 2 bedrooms. It has 185 units and 13 stories. 

Bronx luxury apartments will provide enhanced safety with full comfort and top class amenities. Another great choice is 250 Bedford Park, with apartments that include hardwood floors and all amenities in the kitchen. Rooms will provide large, spectacular views, and generous kitchens and bathrooms. Generally, they have spacious balconies so you can decorate with plants and attractive patio furniture. 

If you’re favoring Morris Park, then check out Pelham Place, with 1 bedroom apartments at 625-725sf renting for $1948. Indulge in these lovely units designed with stainless steel, and providing onsite laundry facilities. When you are looking for Bronx luxury apartments, you need not worry about apartment security, as all provide tight security, restricting strangers from entry. 

One of the most famous Bronx luxury apartment buildings is Parkchester, having a varied range of 1-2-3 bedrooms .They are very spacious, all with affordable contemporary decor. You will love the elegant modern furniture in the furnished units, defining a luxurious stay. 

Let your dream be fulfilled with such choice apartments, Reserve your luxurious living in the Bronx today. Why wait? Lock it down today!!!



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