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Is a 1 Bedroom Luxury Apartment in Jersey City perfect if You are Single & Working in NYC

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Jersey City Luxury Apartments

Vantage Jersey City. Coming in the Spring of 2017.

This article goes out to all you single young professionals starting your career in New York City.  I would like to give you some friendly advice to help you get started on what will be an exciting journey through life.  First of all, congratulations on your college graduation!

Unless your parents bought you a house fresh out of college, chances are you are looking for an a apartment in the city that fits into your budget.  You have figured out a budget, right?

Let’s start with the obvious obstacles.

How much space do you need?  The average one bedroom apartment is between 650 and 800sqft.  Which is actually a lot of space if you are living by yourself. Rental rates in Manhattan for a 1 bedroom can get pretty pricey if you aren’t careful.  Let’s say you rented in a luxury building with the latest in technology and a whole list of amenities.  You’re going to pay between $3500 and $4500 per month.

You can save a little money on your living arrangements if you look for available luxury apartments Jersey City.  I did some research for you, and found that a 1 bedroom apartment downtown Jersey City, NJ is about 700sqft and can run $2350 – $3400 each month.

The next thing we should discuss is taxes.  Don’t let “Uncle Sam” take advantage of your naivety.  If you live and work in two different states, you will have to file two separate state tax returns art the end of each year.  While this may be a pain in the butt, I think you will find it is well worth the hassle.  First off, taxes in New Jersey are less than they are in New York.  You will need to file a non-resident state return in New York, and a resident state return in New Jersey.  Depending on how you file, the refund you get from New York should be enough to pay the state of New Jersey, and still have some left in the bank. Plus, you don’t have to pay a city tax, if you let your HR Dept. know that you do not live in NYC.

If a one bedroom is a little bit more than you wan to pay, then you always have an option to rent a studio apartment.  I’ve seen some studio apartments that are just as roomy as a one bedroom.  In some cases, the only difference betwwen the two styles is the door to the bedroom.  A studio apartment in Midtown Manhattan could be anywhere from $2800 to $2975 per month, and 400 to 525sqft. I found some studio apartments in Jersey City for rent that range from $2100 – $2900 per month, and are 500 – 600sqft.

One last thing and I’ll be done.  Jersey City, NJ has a bunch of new developments going up this year.  Two, that I know of, will be ready for occupancy in the spring or early summer.  Vantage Jersey City, at 33 Park Ave, is planning to start occupancy in the spring, and TheOne Jersey City, at 110 First Street, is supposed to open around the end of may or early June. Both of these new luxury buildings offer studio and 1 bedroom apartments.  Both have terrific views of the Hudson River, and Manhattan.

Welcome to life as an adult.  Have fun!

bergen county fort lee New Jersey

Fort Lee NJ apartments, Bergen County luxury buildings.

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bergen county luxury buildings
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Fort Lee NJ apartments offer its residents a new way of living, in a growing area full of possibilities.
apartments for rent fort lee nj

One of the most impressive buildings in NJ is without a doubt the Modern, located at 800 Park Avenue, Fort Lee. It´s luxury, modern and offers it residents a unique lifestyle.

In 2014, The New York Times published a very interesting news story about The Modern, when it announced the leasing of this renowned building.

People would now have the chance to live in this 47 story blue tower, and rent their own apartment.

Its penthouses would offer residents amazing views of the Hudson River, the New York City skyline and the green canopy of NJ.

Luxury buildings at Bergen County are chosen by people who appreciate only the best, and The Modern is only one example of how complexes have changed over the last few years, by offering different options to demanding tenants.

The Modern is the tallest building in Fort Lee, and it rises 800 feet above the Hudson. It´s also the first building to open in a 16-acre redevelopment area.

According to this 2014 article, a second Twin Tower was to be built in NJ. Construction started in April 2016 on this luxury building, which promises to change New Jersey´s architecture.

Plans, also, include a 2-acre public park, and a 7000 SQFT. restaurant.

Apartments for rent in NJ Fort Lee  include available rentals at The Modern, which currently has 8 units available, ranging in size from a studio to a three bedroom apartment.

These units feature, floor to ceiling windows with amazing views, spacious and luminous rooms, stainless steel kitchen appliances, solar sunshades, European cabinetry and quartz countertops.

The Modern is also a place which has just about everything in one location, from an amazing outdoor swimming pool, to a unique golf simulator.

Start your day relaxing at the Spa or get your heart pumping in the Fitness Center.

Gossip with your friends in the lounge areas, and leave your children in paradise having fun at the playroom.

When you see the Modern, you realize Bergen County luxury buildings can offer residents what they are looking for.  Keeping their same standard of living, with a wide range of awesome amenities.

So next time you search an apartment in New Jersey, remember The Modern is by far your best option!



Nassau County New Jersey

Nassau County apartments for rent.

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Nassau county 1 bedroom apartment
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In Nassau County you can find beautiful apartments to rent surrounded by amazing landscapes.

Nassau county 1 bedroom apartment

This suburban county is located in New Jersey, to the East of NYC and the County Seat in the Village of Garden City.

According to Forbes magazine (2012) Nassau County is considered one of the highest income counties in the United States and the most affluent in the State of New York.  Ranking as the most expensive county in America, a good example about how Real Estate in Long Island is a real growing business.

It´s a beautiful place for families and children, where one can enjoy green areas and parks in a residential location.

Lots of activities are promoted such as movies in the park, free summer concert series, candlelight evenings and different fitness recreations.

It´s a growing area where you can combine the frenzy of New York City with the quietness of a neighborhood.

So I´ve been searching homes for rent in Long Island and I found these two amazing apartments in Nassau County which I loved!

Two luxury residences that have all the characteristics I´ve been searching for in my next home.  I found them at this site!

  1. Nassau County- one bedroom apartment

Take a look at this one bedroom apartment in one of the most luxurious buildings in Long Island.  Centrally located just minutes away from Amityville and Farmingdale.


This 889 SQFT. one bed, one bath apartment offers beautiful views in a green environment.


green area two bed


With an open, airy layout, you will be able to enjoy its warm modern design and top of the line appliances.

This building thinks about your needs, offering its residents units with fine finishes, light floods the living room,  a spacious master bedroom, and a modern kitchen among other features.

kitchen one bed

You can rent this beauty for: $2475

Take a look!


  1. Nassau County-Two bedroom apartments.

Here´s a two bedroom, two bath beautiful apartment for rent at Greybarn.

2 bed apartment

This spacious residence is 1288 SQFT., offering its residents the luxury they deserve.

Hardwood flooring, modern design and the best appliances.


living room Nassau County-Two bedroom apartments

The amenities at Greybarn are suited to the way people live today, offering its residents only the best!

Relax at its gorgeous swimming pool, have fun at the screening room or go for a walk in the community garden.

pool two bed

Start your day full of energy at the Fitness Center!

fitness center two bed

This place has it all and you will enjoy living at a luxury place surrounded by nature.

Take a look at this unit and rent it for $ 2825


So now you know if you want to move to a luxury apartment in a quiet beautiful neighborhood, choose Nassau County. Give yourself the chance to live like you´ve always wanted…you deserve it!