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Apartments in Midtown West NYC make the difference.

Apartments in Midtown West NYC
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NYC apartments in Midtown West are amazing. Each one of them have their own style and offer its residents a unique way of living.

Lately something huge is happening in Midtown West.  A project that will leave one more than speechless, a superb construction that will change New York´s architecture for good.

Hudson Yards is coming soon, and promises to be as outstanding as most of New York´s buildings, which are considered to be the most amazing in the world.

This 52-story tower 10 building opened this spring and Hudson Yards is finally taking shape.

It´s unbelievable how much Midtown West has grown over the past years, a location that for decades was lined with parking lots and horse stables.

Fortunately, developers had bet in apartments Midtown NYC, and little by little, it´s turning into an awesome advanced neighborhood.

Over half a dozen apartment buildings including a condo, are rising across the Far West side.  Alo, several rental towers, office buildings and hotels have been emerging in the area.

The first residential building to go up in this development is a creation of some designers who worked on the High Line Park and will offer 391 apartments across 67 stories.

These apartments will feature one to four bedrooms, including duplexes and penthouses with 270 degree-views with curved windows.

The complete mega project is not scheduled to be finished until 2024.  When complete, it will offer 14 acres of open space, a one-million SQFT. Mall with 16 restaurants and an art center that will connect with 15 Hudson Yards.

Even though Hudson Yards may be pricey for the West Side, it is still lower than those on Billionaire´s Row in Midtown, where you can find apartments for more than $6000 per SQFT.

The greatest changes might be to the skyline.  64 buildings were built or are under construction, and the recent projects are about 10700 buildings out of an expected 20,000, giving Midtown West a newly renovated architecture style.







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