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Luxury Apartment in East Side NYC

Typical Amenities if Your Apartment is a True Luxury Apartment in East Side NYC

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Luxury Apartment in East Side NYC
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Any time you are considering a luxury apartment, what you’ve got to look at are the amenities. There are many ways to find out the extra comforts offered with East Side NYC apartments. Amenities are usually featured on the building’s website, like, and you can always visit the building itself.

But, what amenities are considered basic for a luxury apartment?

First, we’d say a pool. It’s not everyone that has a pool available to them 24/7. Rooftop pools, outdoor pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis are all very luxury.

Next, we would definitely put doormen and 24 hour concierge on the list. These are essential for your comfort and security, and no luxury apartment complex would go without them. When an apartment is luxury, the tenants have to be priority, which means protecting them at all costs.

Now, thinking about indoor amenities, the kitchen is where most families supposedly spend the most time – cooking, doing homework, snacking, talking. Your kitchen has to be useable, durable, and beautiful – welcoming but functional. So, you should expect true top-of-the-line fridges, stoves, and dishwashers that are energy efficient as well as beautiful – maybe stainless steel. The cupboards should be modern or of solid wood with granite or marble countertops.

Entertainment is a huge factor to consider with luxury. You should have everything at your fingertips – from games to movies to food. Outdoor spaces and grills, fire pits and grass, billiards tables and party rooms. Luxury means easy living, it means convenience. And having these things in your apartment building are essential to living a high lifestyle.

One last amenity that is too few times included in luxury apartments, but should be, is a library. Not just workspaces and WiFi, but actual books and a quiet well-appointed room to read them!