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No Fee Luxury Apartments Available in Manhattan: Be Prepared

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Be prepared” is the motto for the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts organizations. Generally, be prepared means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty. Being prepared in body is by making yourself strong and active and able to do the right thing at the right moment, and do it. Being prepared in mind is by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every order, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it. This comes from the Scouting for Boys handbook authored by Robert Baden-Powell.

How does “be prepared” relate to Manhattan? Well, let me tell you, New York City is ginormous. You can’t possibly know what is or isn’t going on in the city all the time. When you hear of something new, you have to jump on it because if you don’t, there are thousands right behind you that will. So, when new no fee New York City apartments open up, you need to be prepared. Even if you’re not in the market to move, it’s always good to take a peek at the new skyscrapers. And there is a new mixed-use tower that has just recently opened very near the Empire State Building known as Solari. Solari is located at 42 West 33rd Street, between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, and you’ll need to be prepared to be impressed.

The Solari rentals are no fee luxury apartments in Midtown, and there’s over 5,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor which is doubled in height. Solari no fee apartments are brand new NYC rentals with amenities such as a gorgeous indoor swimming pool, state-of-the-art fitness center with a spa/therapy room and an entertaining roof deck with a garden terrace.

Once again, be prepared to be impressed with Solari.


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Is Modern Transportation Facing Some Issues in Bryant Park?

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (a.k.a. MTA) is responsible for public transportation in downstate New York, serving 12 counties and a portion of Connecticut. Their services carry over 11 million passengers on an average weekday system wide (subway, bus lines and rail lines), and over 800,000 vehicles on its seven toll bridges and two tunnels per weekday. MTA is the largest public transit authority in the United States.

Of course it’s going to have problem, schedule changes and delays. A recent article at www.amny.com details some of the issues facing modern transportation. There were some signal problems at Midtown subway stations that caused delays and service changes on eight lines during a Monday’s morning rush hour. The signal issues began at 47th-50th Streets-Rockefeller Center, but later said there were also problems at 42nd Street-Bryant Park.

Do the MTA issues affect people living in “modern residences in Bryant Park” area? As there has been a vast increase of modern apartments in Bryant Park like in https://www.eosnomad.com/#residences-features, I’d say the answer would be yes. With the increase of more residents in the Bryant Park area, there are going to be more and more people late for work, or the doctor’s appointment, picking up a child from school, etc. Modern residences in New York City are popping up all over and especially Bryant Park. Bryant Park had been known as mostly a historical neighborhood and the sky untapped, so they built sleek, modern skyscrapers for residents to enjoy.

Modern transportation will still advance with all our super ultra computer techy stuff that’s invented to benefit commuters. Just look how far it’s come in 100 years…they were still getting around by horses and the automobile was a novelty.

Interesting note – a recent report found that subway delays have cost New Yorkers $307 million in wages each year.

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Flatiron District: Modern Residences Are Trending

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Known for its hundred years of old historic charm, the Flatiron District has always been the talk of the town for its amazing residential and commercial buildings in the city. The area has some of the most beautiful, iconic and flawlessly-retained historic buildings that keep its worth intact.

Some of the most famous and tallest buildings that continue to inspire people include The Flatiron Building, Theodore Roosevelt National Historic Site, Empire State Building, Grand Masonic Lodge of New York, and Worth Square.

However, the new buildings, shops, and restaurants keep sprouting up and adding to the real essence of this amazing place. Modern homes in Flatiron District are trending, and here are some top names you don’t want to miss.

  1. Madison Square Park Tower

One of the most luxurious living options in the district, the Madison Square Park Tower is nothing less than magic. The options include a versatile collection of duplex, simplex, penthouse homes, and full-floor homes that are carefully and individually crafted by the world-class designer, Martin Brudnizki.

The residential experience is not only the epitome of elegance, but features iconic views of the river, the skyline of New York City, and the Clock Tower.

  1. The Caroline

The Caroline is a white-glove, distinguished luxury building in the Flatiron District and is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is one of the most modern apartments in Flatiron NYC that gives you the opportunity to instantly upgrade your lifestyle and standards.

The extensive list of amenities can easily be compared to a five-star luxury hotel.

  1. 7 West 21st Street

The 7W21 is an exotic building. This residential option is located only a few minutes away from the famous Madison Square Park. With an extensive list of facilities and amenities, the building is also in close proximity to upscale retailers and modern restaurants.

The high-end, luxury building designed by Morris Adjmi Architects features 231 homes ranging from studio apartments to penthouses to serve your individual needs.

Here is a map of all this luxury buildings https://www.eosnomad.com/#neighborhood-map

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4 Residences for rent in Midtown West close to Bjarke Ingel´s Tetrahedron

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Midtown West gained popularity in the 19th Century, when it became the center of garment production. New technologies and the Industrial Revolution only led to further corporate development in the 20th century, when the Garment District became the leading scene for designers.

Midtown is one of the most prominent business districts in NYC, a premiere residential community and boasts famous buildings such as the Empire State Building and Bjarke Ingel´s tetrahedron shaped building called https://www.via57west.com/

Apartment rentals are all over and West 57th also have apartments for rent. Here are four reasonably priced apartments available near Bjarke Ingels’s tetrahedron triumph in Midtown…

1. 370 West 39th Street

Between 8th and 9th Avenues, this large 2 bedroom, in an elevator building has laundry and a balcony. It is located near Penn Station and the A, C, E and the number 1, 2, and 3 trains. The unit features a separate eat-in kitchen with a dishwasher, a large living room, 2 queen-size bedrooms and abundant closet space for $3,200 per month.

2. 328 West 15th Street

Bright and charming studio in the prime Chelsea neighborhood of Midtown West. The kitchen is separate and has a mini fridge and the bathroom with a shower stall. It’s located half a block from the Chelsea Market and train lines A, C, E and L. The unit is ready for immediate move-in and pets are welcome. The monthly rent on this Midtown studio is $1,999.

3. 305 West 45th Street

This apartment building has no fee residences for rent in Midtown West. Currently available is a studio that rents for $1,900 and pets are allowed. The studio fits a queen size bed and still plenty of room. The kitchen has white cabinets, microwave, small fridge and stove. The bathroom has a large tub and ceramic tile.

4. 330 West 39th Street

Here’s a one bedroom residences close to Hudson River at Crystal Green. It’s a bit more at $3,895 but it’s brand new and has river views.

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Six Bronx Luxury apartments You Must See Before Moving!

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If it’s luxury you want, you’ll find ultra-amenities beyond necessity in Bronx luxury apartments. With inspired designs, they’ll give you a feel for luxury living.

Luxury, of course, is an amazing term when it comes to apartments in Bronx, full of desired amenities and in close proximity to many amusements. Check out The Equestrian at Pelham Parkway, which ranges from $1800–$2500 with approximately 500-700sf depending on bedroom selection. The rooms are well-designed with ultra-luxury, and it has state-of-the-art fitness and recreation facilities. When you want an ultra-luxury apartment with refined floorplans and modern décor, go to The Grand, where the price is around $2474 for 2 bedrooms. It has 185 units and 13 stories. 

Bronx luxury apartments will provide enhanced safety with full comfort and top class amenities. Another great choice is 250 Bedford Park, with apartments that include hardwood floors and all amenities in the kitchen. Rooms will provide large, spectacular views, and generous kitchens and bathrooms. Generally, they have spacious balconies so you can decorate with plants and attractive patio furniture. 

If you’re favoring Morris Park, then check out Pelham Place, with 1 bedroom apartments at 625-725sf renting for $1948. Indulge in these lovely units designed with stainless steel, and providing onsite laundry facilities. When you are looking for Bronx luxury apartments, you need not worry about apartment security, as all provide tight security, restricting strangers from entry. 

One of the most famous Bronx luxury apartment buildings is Parkchester, having a varied range of 1-2-3 bedrooms .They are very spacious, all with affordable contemporary decor. You will love the elegant modern furniture in the furnished units, defining a luxurious stay. 

Let your dream be fulfilled with such choice apartments, Reserve your luxurious living in the Bronx today. Why wait? Lock it down today!!!



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New Residences for Rent in Nomad Under $3550

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New Residences for Rent in NoMad for Under $3550

If you wanna live in a really amazing place, then you should choose NoMad. Here you can find modern and very nice apartments at very convenient prices.

NoMad (North of Madison Square Park) is a neighborhood located in the borough of Manhattan. It’s the area chosen by thousands of people every year due to its unique lifestyle, making it a real pleasure to enjoy.

Here you can find awesome apartments for rent, and if you are not willing to shell out major bucks, we have provided a list of 5 residences for rent in NoMad you will surely love for less than $3550/month:

1. The Capitol at Chelsea, 55 W 26th Street

This beautiful building offers studios for rent at a very convenient price. It features granite kitchens, marble bathrooms, and spacious living rooms. Among its amenities, you will find a doorman and concierge service, fitness center and a rooftop with sundeck. A studio apartment rents for $3050/month

2. The Dylan, 309 5th Avenue

Located in one of the most desirable locations in NYC, The Dylan offers its residents beautiful units at convenient prices. Luxurious, luminous, and spacious studio apartments rent for $3350 per month

3. EOS NoMad, 100West 31 Street

This is by far one of the best buildings in NoMad. Along with being eco-friendly and truly luxurious, it’s elegant, modern, and is equipped with superb finishes. You can enjoy this exclusive studio with linen closet, pass-through kitchen and large living room for a monthly rate of $3503.

4. 121 Madison Avenue, Murray Hill

This Co-op building offers luxury rentals with an elegant pre-war style. It comes with private terraces, cozy fireplaces, and marble bathrooms. Rent a beautiful one bedroom apartment for just $3400.

5. Park 23- Park Avenue South-Flatiron District

One of the hottest rental listings in Manhattan, this 8-floor building is located in the exclusive Gramercy Park neighborhood. Enjoy this newly renovated pre-war luxury studio for $3100/month.

Must see!

Enjoy everything NoMad has to offer and find the home of your dreams at a very convenient price.


Average Cost for Luxury Highrise Manhattan Apartments in 2017

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One57 Luxury Highrise Manhattan Apartments, Home of the $100 million duplex penthouse Regardless of the controversy over President Trump, in his first six months in the Oval Office, he has kept his promise to create jobs for Americans and Wall Street has seen the US dollar strengthen.

This new strength in the dollar has been reflected in the real estate market with an increase in overall home sales nationwide. Take New York City for instance – the ultra-premium over $10 million apartment market in 2016 saw a 5% sales decrease, but the smaller and less pricey premium condos in New York — especially those downtown — go fast and are in short supply. About half of the Manhattan luxury condos were sold solely from new development floor plans. Note – One57, in Midtown Manhattan, still holds the record for the most expensive apartment sale in New York City. Their duplex penthouse sold for over $100 million.

The main driver of all this, in most markets, is jobs. As long as companies are creating jobs in an area, people with good jobs will buy up the available supply of properties. That impacts everything from commercial real estate to apartments to houses and more.

With New York’s heavy international presence from the United Nations to world embassies and multinational companies, more jobs are being created. The real estate market is on its way up after the ‘slump’ that started last spring and lasted until President Trump took office. The sales bump is partially attributed to the strong stock market and the optimism about financial deregulation expected from the current U.S. administration.

So what do you do if you live and work in New York City but don’t have at least $2 million in your back pocket to purchase a home? You rent. You rent an apartment just like the majority of New Yorkers do in Manhattan. Where’s the best place to live? Midtown West Manhattan of course. Everybody wants a Westside address. And you can have one at VIA 57 West in Midtown West Manhattan at 625 West 57th Street. VIA 57 West it’s known as the Pyramid of Manhattan and you can’t miss it on the waterfront.

VIA 57 West offers luxury high-rise Manhattan apartments in an eco-friendly and pet-friendly environment. Each aspect of VIA 57 West’s design has been thoughtfully planned to save water, reduce energy needs and promote the wellness for its residents. To coordinate a tour of VIA 57 West, check availability or just gather some more information, check out their website at – https://www.via57west.com/.

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Kudos to the Walentas Family Foundation

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Here is an American success story…

Back in 1938, an American billionaire real estate developer was born in Rochester, New York. When young David Walentas was 5 years old, his father had a paralyzing stroke, leaving his mother to work two jobs, and his two brothers were sent off to work at farms as indentured orphans. At the University of Virginia, Walentas received a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Continuing to live in Brooklyn, Walentas married, has two grown children and is a passionate polo player. In 1968, David Walentas founded the company Two Trees Management, which today is synonymous with the renaissance of Dumbo, Brooklyn. In 2015, Walentas had a net worth just shy of $2 billion.

In 1997, son Jed Walentas joined the team as a principal of Two Trees Management Company. Jed calls his father David, and has called him that for as long as Jed could talk. David still shows up to the office every day, however, Jed is head of the firm that has developed and managed more than 4 million square feet of commercial and residential real estate in the New York area, and has more than $4 billion in holdings. Two Trees owns and manages more than 2,000 apartments.  Two Trees has spacious apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn and stunning apartments in Brooklyn Heights. Oh, did I mention, Two Trees has Dumbo Brooklyn apartments to show off? Wanted to make sure…

The Walentas Family Foundation was established in 2013 and is a private foundation established to support arts, education, and community development. Since the grants were launched in 2013, the Walentas Foundation has awarded $1.25 million in Brooklyn. The charity will award $250,000 this summer to more schools in Brooklyn. One of last year’s recipients has already seen positive results with the Walentas Family Foundation grant funding with the LEGO Engineering and Robotics program. The school community really cherishes the opportunity, because kids who ordinarily do not experience a lot of academic success have been able to shine.

The foundation does not impose restrictions on the type of projects to be considered for funding, but is impressed with initiatives that draw on the creativity, vision and energy of the entire school community. This year’s application deadline was May 31, 2017. Grant recipients will be notified in July and grant funds will be distributed in August 2017 for the following school year.

Thank you, Walentas Family, for generously helping out the students of Brooklyn.


Schools Benefit from Local Developer Programs

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Developers of projects in the United States often create programs to help neighborhoods or schools in the area to give back to the community in which they are developing. In New York, a prime example of this is how schools will be benefiting from programs established by the Walentas Family Foundation, created by Two Trees Management. The group will be providing $250,000 to schools this summer within District 13 of Brooklyn.

When searching for apartments in Brooklyn Heights, you are helping to support this cause. Two Trees is responsible for the area, as an owner and manager of over 2,000 apartments in this District as well as District 14, which will benefit from the programs via local schools. The group is particularly focused on transforming the neighborhood of Dumbo where you can also extend your apartment search. Dumbo Brooklyn apartments are up and coming, offering quality residences in the area in which Two Trees is placing their focus.

Principal of Two Trees Management Company, Jed Walentas, stated that the Neighborhood School Grants program was created on the belief that the community plays an important role in the success of schools. For neighborhoods to thrive, a vibrant and successful school system must exist. Individual grants from the company can go as high as $25,000 each with multiple schools receiving assistance.

Since launching in 2013, the Walentas Foundation has been able to provide $1.25 million to the city of Brooklyn. Children have been able to benefit within the past few years and will only continue to receive more assistance for their education in the future due to this program. As you look for apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn, search for Two Trees properties, as you will have a hand in giving back to the local community when you do business with this company.


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Restaurant Choices Near Bryant Park Apartments for Rent in NYC

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Restaurants are walking distance to apartments for rent in Bryant Park NYCOne of the best features of the Big Apple is the many, many choices of food available at a variety of diverse locales – from a street corner hot dog vendor to a 5-star gourmet dining experience overlooking Central Park.

Here are a few of the best restaurants in Bryant Park, as posted on tripadvisor.com:

  1. Gabriel Kreuther ranked fourth out of 9,469 restaurants in all of New York City. Make a reservation far in advance at this modern French restaurant located at 41 West 42nd Street, overlooking Midtown’s verdant Bryant Park. Chef Gabriel Kreuther’s eponymous NYC restaurant, which has 1 Michelin star, is one worth seeking out for sophisticated French cooking.
  2. Serving JapaneseSushi, and Asian cuisines, the restaurant Koi Restaurant at 40 West 40th Street in the Bryant Park Hotel is the place to dine. Koi also has restaurants in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Bangkok and all are inspired by traditional Japanese dishes and are enhanced with modern California accents. You must try the crispy rice…it IS to die for.
  3. Bryant Park Grill at 25 West 40th Street is a favorite of locals. Offering the romance of a Parisian-style garden setting in the heart of New York’s metropolis, behind the New York Public Library, Bryant Park Grill serves American and European cuisines. Reservations are recommended.
  4. Le Pain Quotidien (which translates to The Daily Bread) is a bakery-restaurant group founded in Brussels in 1990. The Bryant Park location is at 70 West 40th Street and serves simple, elegant boulangerie fare made with organic ingredients. Their chicken soup with vegetables and quinoa, served with harissa, is highly recommended.
  5. If you’re looking for a cozy eatery with excellent service, Parker and Quinn, at 63 West 39th Street, is your best bet. Book now at Parker and Quinn’s restaurant and bar, and experience American dining and creative cocktails set against a vintage backdrop in the Refinery Hotel. Parker and Quinn features classic design touches that span a century of New York City history, and the food is excellent, of course.

The elegant and modern apartment building, EOS NoMad is just steps away from all of these fantastic restaurants. Towering 47 stories high at 100 West 31st Street, EOS NoMad is a new, modern, eco-friendly and pet friendly luxury apartment building with top-notch amenities for exercising the body, mind and spirit. And the best food is available just around the corner.

If you happen to be looking for apartments for rent in Bryant Park NYC and you happen to be in the Manhattan area, please check out EOS NoMad. Their website is http://eosnomad.com or call for more information and/or availability at (212) 899-3131.